Dog Walking


We walk our dogs in small groups of 3 pups max, so that we can give each one the individual care and attention they need, while also allowing for natural socialization in a closely supervised, safe setting.   At the end of each walk, we will wipe your dog’s paws, give a treat or meal according to your instruction, dry off with a towel or cool down with some water.  Our walkers are trained to walk the dogs with a backup safety collar in addition to your collar/harness, and they are certified by the American Red Cross in Pet First Aid.

All clients receive a secure group chat where we post pics, videos, GIFS, and updates from every walk!  This direct pipeline of communication with your ProspectBArk support team is one of the unique hallmarks of what we do, and ensures that you are always plugged into your dog’s day!

20-min Quick Stop

  • Emergency runs by a walk, fresh water and food (if requested) and a dry towel if it happens to be raining.

30-min Break Away

  • When it's time to stretch their legs, get some fresh air and exercise, and get down to “business”.

Full Hour Stroll

  • A morning or afternoon stroll at your dog’s pace. This is an excellent choice for crated dogs who need to stretch their legs, puppies and athletic dogs with energy to burn, and elderly dogs who need more time to enjoy their daily “constitutional”. (Solo walks not available for this option)

Fees and Policies

For multiple-dog households (2-3 dogs in the family) –  $7 additional fee

For solo walks: $5 additional fee. Dogs are social animals, and most dogs can and want to be walked with a buddy! If this is not the case, we will discuss what types of triggers and care specifics your dog needs to be safe on her walks. Solo walks are also helpful for elderly, blind, deaf and other special needs pups, or pups recovering from an injury or contagious illness. Please discuss any special health or behavioral concerns with us, so that we can tailor the safest and most beneficial service for your dog. (Please note, due to our busy routes, solo walks are not available for the “Full Hour Stroll”)

Visits on Saturday or Sunday – $7 additional fee
Visits before 10AM or after 6PM on weekdays – $7 additional fee

Medication fees: Our staff are highly trained in how to spot any physical ailments in your pet,  and can administer pills, eye drops, ear medications, oral syringes, topical treatments, insulin injections, inhaler treatments, hot and cold compresses, subcutaneous fluids, and emergency CPR*.  Most of our Team members are certified by the American Red Cross in Emergency Pet First Aid, and some are even certified vet techs or veterinary assistants. If your dog requires any medications, please let us know in advance so that we can match you with someone who has the expertise your pup requires. There is a $7 medication fee for manual “pilling” (or use of a “pill shooter”), insulin injections, eye or ear treatments, oral syringe, compresses, topical applications, inhalers), and subQ fluids are a $20 additional fee. 


Our Dog Walking cancellation policy is simple: You are given a unique online Client Portal to manage your service schedule and control every aspect of your dog’s account with us. You can view your scheduled visits, request additional ones and remove any visits you do not need, all from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.  Any visits cancelled after 9PM (the night prior) incur a $7 short-notice cancellation fee, and any visits requested after 9PM the night prior incur a $7 short notice booking fee. 

HOLIDAY FEES: We work EVERY DAY, in ALL WEATHER, so you can rest easy knowing that your pup is in good hands! During the holidays, our dedicated staff set aside time to spoil 

  • Memorial Day   $12
  • July 4th  $12 
  • Labor Day   $12 
  • Thanksgiving Day – $15
  • Christmas Day – $15
  • New Year’s Day – $15

INVOICING: Please note that our rates are subject to NY State sales tax of 8.875%. Regular Dog Walking Services are billed and paid monthly, and Holiday Services are billed and paid on confirmation. We process payments automatically and securely via Stripe/Plaid, and a bank account that you enroll in your Client Portal. Our billing is paperless, transparent, and seamlessly fits into the busiest lifestyle.